I have such Gratitude, Love and Joy for all my heartfelt praises who had the courage to allow me to post on this page, and for those who prefer not to post publicly, I do appreciate you telling me privately.  It’s all about you…

“Anaya has a huge charismatic persona.  She has the ability to help others recover from physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances.  Her positive impact on me has always been immediate and truthful.  We share very similar values but she can identify and resolve my issues when I am stuck.  She has expansive positive benefits when I am in dire straights and she is trustworthy.  I am so grateful. ”

Ann G., Boston

“Four years ago I met Anaya for the first time at an informational energy exchange session she was hosting. During that session (my first ever), Anaya worked with me one-on-one.  I was amazed at what her session did for me.  We discovered multiple energy blocks around financial abundance lodged in my body and psyche through muscle testing.  I was surprised to learn how deep seated my familial roots had embedded the programming of “unworthiness” into me.  After I left that session with Anaya, I immediately started muscle testing myself for different possible stumbling blocks & limiting beliefs holding me back from my dreams.  Due to her wonderful approach, her teaching stuck with me & I applied it almost every day with great success.  It was about 3 years later that I was in a position to learn more through her teachings & treatments.  At this point I was going through some arduous legal estate stuff as a result of my father’s passing.  Anaya played a critical part of healing through that tumultuous time.  I was being energetically attacked from multiple directions, given tasks to complete that seemed impossible and yet through her healing modalities in our sessions I got through it in one piece leaving the negative Karma far behind me.  The amazing results of her sessions with me (in person, on the phone, via text) cannot be expressed.  The bad juju and karma has been completely gone for 6 months now and I feel FREE of past lives or other devastating negative entities interrupting my abundant life!  Words cannot express my appreciation!  You are truly an Earth Angel with Incredible gifts of LOVE & LIGHT!”

Immense Gratitude, Anaya!

“J.R.” , Bothell


“My first experience with Anaya was miraculous!  I was experiencing pain & stress and after  one session, I felt calm and I NO pain” Noel B, NY


“I truly don’t know what this kind lady did, she saw me on the ground and came to my aid. My leg was swollen and painful, difficult to walk.  She ask if she could help, then after a few minutes, you could see the swelling go down, pain had melted away!!”  Rhonda V, Seattle


“I was dealing with emotional trauma and Anaya was able to give relief at the first session and as I continue to see her, my life has felt more in balance, more energy to move forward again, thank you” Tonya L, Seattle


“My daughter decided to stop all her meds & immediately went into withdrawal, I called Anaya, and she was able to miraculously help her.  The next day my daughter got up early for the first time in years and she had energy and clarity. Words can’t express my thanks”  Bev & daughter , Tennessee

“I met Anaya over 6 years ago.  Her kindness and smile was so warm and loving.  She was able to clear some serious emotional blocks that stem from childhood pastlife.  I didn’t know I was holding onto that trauma.  I appreciate the time and care she spent with me over the years.  Since then, I’ve been able to learn and train with her.

B.T., England