Anaya Destan was a successful University of Washington trained and licensed clinical pharmacist who experienced several miracles when her son, daughter, and herself healed in an instant after a single session of holistic energy healing!

She was so amazed by these experiences that she dedicated more time to allow her intuitive gifts to evolve and tapped into all her abilities, completed various energy healing modalities and experiences to master these types of alternative holistic energy healing and dynamic transformation to help others.

Today, she shares these abilities through her newly developed holistic technique of Dynamic Activation ™ with her students and clients.

What is the Dynamic Activation™?

The Dynamic Activation™ is a holistic quantum healing technique founded by Anaya Destan, which directly addresses your subconscious connection to Divine Universal Vibration from the quantum field to the body as a whole to allow for lovingly clearing things no longer serving you and allowing for incredibly instantaneous healings,  profound shifts, and calmness.

This type of quantum energy healing is like no other.  There is no manipulation of the body or mind.   This type of potent energy healing can be done remotely or without touching the being or person you are working with.  This can be done gently on babies, children, and animals.  Anyone young or old can learn this technique.

This technique taps into the universal energy core of the quantum field and the power of brain waves that acts like a cell phone connecting to this pure energy of love in all dimensions of the universe or multi-verse.  This connection allows the practitioner to move with the energy on a subconscious level and facilitate healing between Divine Universal Vibration, Creator or GOD and the person accepting the healing.

Whether you are looking to positively shift your health, your finances, your relationships or your intuitive abilities, the Dynamic Activation™ technique is a surprisingly fast and easy way to make lasting (in some cases permanent), and positive changes in your life.

A few of the things that Dynamic Activation™ has helped others include:

  • Traumas, Physical, Emotional, Financial and Relationships
  • Pain & Stress, unresolved by mainstream methods
  • Guidance and enhancing your intuitive abilities
  • Clearing Past life experiences and blocks

 How can the Dynamic Activation™ help?

  • Are You Dealing with Un-resolved Trauma Physically, Emotionally or Mentally?
  • Are You Experiencing Stress or Pain?
  • Are You Feeling Stuck?
  • Are You Experiencing a Need for a Change?
  • Are You Feeling like you Never have Enough Money?
  • If You Answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, then you might want to learn about the Dynamic Activation


Curious to experience Dynamic Activation™ for yourself?