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Anaya Destan

Anaya Destan MDA, RPh, CTHP has been an Energy Healer & Intuitive Guide for decades born with the gift and trained and certified in various modalities ranging from Dynamic Activation, Theta Healing, Quick Pulse, EFT, Intuitive Medicine, Access Bars, Quantum Energetics (Quantum Power), Ho’o’ponopono, and a Clinical Holistic Pharmacist.

My Story

Begins when I was a child.  My mother died when I was 5 years old.  My sister and I were adopted by our paternal grandparents.  Our brothers were taken away by the step-father and I’ve not seen them ever since.

I was abused physically, verbally and emotionally every day until I left this environment when I was 18 years old.

I had divine guidance that kept me strong during these challenging years.  Unfortunately, my sister lost her will and had commit suicide.

Through the traumatic experience of my childhood and early adult life and high risk pregnancies, I was guided to strengthen my energy healing abilities and it is through these experiences good and bad I have been able to help others.

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Dynamic Activation

Focusing on high vibrational and quantum energy healing techniques in the highest and best way with pure energy of love.

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Divine Universal Vibration

Is tapping into the highest vibration

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Intuitive Life Coaching

Guiding you through your journey

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