Imagine Being Pain Free?

Anaya has been successful utilizing various techniques to deal with reducing symptoms of various types of pain relief or discomfort.  This can be done remotely energetically or in person.  


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Need Stress Relief?

Anaya has expereinced that like any trauma, pain or stress needs to be dealt with at the core of the problem.  It could be anywhere from subconscious to hormone imbalances or both.  

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Do You Feel Drained, Blocked or Stuck?

Life is draining but there are ways to clear all those energy draining heaviness, blocks, or limiting beliefs weighing us down.  

Let me help you change things you want different in your life.

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You Are My Main Focus

My intention is to change things you want different in your life.

Releasing pain, stress, blocks and so much more for you on the physical, emotional and subconscious levels. 

I do work remotely energetically at various time zones.  This method is sending a type of one on one meditation healing. 

You can also visit my Seattle-Madrona location to receive a gentle and powerful one on one technique. 

Anaya is the founder of Dynamic Activation Academy Certification program which focuses on high vibrational & quantum energy healing.

Anaya Destan MDA, RPh, CTHP has been an Energy Healer & Intuitive Guide for decades born with the gift and trained and certified in various modalities ranging from Dynamic Activation, Theta Healing, Quick Pulse, EFT, Intuitive Medicine, Access Bars, Quantum Energetics, Ho’o’ponopono, and a retired Clinical Holistic Pharmacist.



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